Friday, October 2, 2015

The Amazing cOoking Machine - The Hungry Immortals - Chapter 1

Once upon a time, many many years ago in a galaxy far far away, was a small purple planet called Wastosie (pronounced Waste-O-See). On this planet lived an immortal race; the
Wastosians. The Wastosians were very good inventors and constantly building gadgets but there was one little problem. The planet itself was barren and no food grew on it and the people were always hungry. Imagine being immortal and hungry all the time!!! Needless to say, they weren't a happy lot.

All this changed when an alien spacecraft stopped by with a group of very weird looking explorers. These explorers were lost and had landed on Wastosie by mistake. These alien explorers talked about their home planet Flabocurry. The Curry-men as they called themselves were quite roly-poly. They talked about a time many centuries ago when Flabocurry had also started out as a barren planet and how they had solved their hunger problem by building a cooking factory.

The Wastosian King, King W, pleaded with the visitors to leave some seeds, soil and building plans, so they could build a cooking factory on Wastosie. The Curry-men were a friendly bunch and were glad to help out.

Soon the biggest transformational project on Wastosie was under way. All

the experts from the planet were brought together and the factory was built. It was a self-sustaining factory that grew the raw food, cooked it and delivered it to every house on Wastosie. People loved the factory so much that they called it 'Beau' (pronounced Bee-O). Once a month a packet of cooked food would be delivered to each person. The day the first food packet was sent out was declared a national holiday. The Wastosians were thrilled. They had been starving and now once a month they got their food delivered to their doorsteps.

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