Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Can a Business Intelligence product make you curious, creative and innovative?

I often get asked by customers - Why Tableau? What they are really asking is - I have spent all this money on other BI tools, why do I need another one or your alternatives are free, why should I spend money with you. I posted earlier about how Tableau is like a digital camera while other tools are like film cameras. The picture below captures my thoughts on this topic.

So, if Tableau is like a digital camera, the question comes about - where is the proof that this self reliance has driven people to be more curious, creative and innovative. We see this with digital cameras - it gave rise to sites like Flickr / YouTube, you can see the display of creativity on these websites. What about Tableau?

Well Tableau has Tableau Public - a place for folks to share their visualizations with the public. You can see the display of creativity, enthusiasm and fun regular people are having visualizing data. That being said, if we consider the Selfie to be the ultimate form of self expression, what does Tableau Public have?

To answer that, I will leave you with the entries for the Quantified Self Viz Contest. Check it out for yourself -

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