Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The Amazing cOoking Machine - Pachch The Troublemaker - Chapter 4

Time passed peacefully on Wastosie. 'Quick' was a success, people were generally happy with the food packets and the 'Chefs' continued with their 'MPs'. King W had reconciled to the 'MPs' and it seemed that every day more of them popped up.

Soon there was another change underway. The 'Chefs' wanted more raw food for their 'MPs' and sure enough some enterprising Wastosian's started growing their own food. No longer did King W have a monopoly on the raw food. By now, King W had realized that he could not completely control what his subjects did. Being the rational King that he was, he realized that his subjects seemed happier and since there was no way for him to meet all their food or cooking needs, he let them be.

 One of the 'Chefs' Pachch (pronounced Patchichich), was a former pirate who loved to cook and loved MPs. There was one small problem. He was a terrible cook. Try as he might he could not cook anything that tasted good. Soon word got around about Pachch and his cooking and people started shunning his MPs. Pachch was a jolly and social Wastosian but when his friends stopped coming by, he withdrew from society. Luckily, Pachch was not someone that got easily depressed. Necessity as they say is the mother of invention and Pachch was an amazing inventor. In a past life he had invented moving pictures and this had changed entertainment at Wastosie. He decided to solve the toughest problem currently facing the 'Chefs' - To invent something that could make all the 'Chefs' great cooks and not just the 'Chefs' but any Wastosians that wanted to cook.
Pachch invented the Amazing cOoking Machine (AmOoMa). The AmOoMa would take in raw food and with the press of a few buttons, out would come the most scrumptious meals. This endeavor took Pachch a year. Initially it did not work too well. Sometimes the food would be burnt and sometimes it came out raw. Sometimes the raw food got completely vaporized. Pachch persevered through every failure. He was driven by a strong desire to change how Wastosians saw and cooked food. Over time it started becoming more reliable and finally Pachch was ready to invite a few friends over for dinner.

It was a nervous evening and Pachch hoped AmOoMa would not break down. Pachch’s friends did not want to be subjected to another of Pachch’s cooking experiments, but they hadn’t seen him in a year and so they decided to accept his invitation. No one knew about AmOoMa. Pachch had kept it a
secret. Imagine their surprise when they were served the most amazing dinner they had ever eaten. Not only did it taste great, it even looked great. Every dish that was served looked like a masterpiece. Overnight, among the 'Chefs', Pachch had gone from being a pariah pirate to a celebrity 'Chef'.

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