Friday, October 2, 2015

The Amazing cOoking Machine - Raw Food Experiment - Chapter 3

Access to raw food unleashed some cooking creativity on Wastosie. While the Wastosians did not know how to cook or did not have the utensils, they started experimenting. A few handful of Wastosians actually became pretty good at cooking while most just had fun. Some even ate the food raw!!!

Around that time another group of inventors came up with a new version of the cooking factory that made 'Beau' obsolete. This new factory took only 6 months to build, but it required fewer experts to run and could now generate food packets daily and at a lower cost!!! The clincher was that it could meet the needs of many palettes. While it could not meet every individual’s needs, it could take the people’s input and prepare many versions of the food packet.

The people loved the speed of this new factory and named it 'Quick'. This led to the second national holiday being announced on the planet. Food was plentiful, there was variety and the cost to run it was lower.

King W decided to stop providing the people raw food as he thought he had met their need for variety, but a strange thing happened. There was an uproar. The Wastosians (especially a small vocal bunch) really wanted access to the raw food. While they appreciated the frequent food delivery and the variety, they wanted to experiment. This was puzzling  to King W as he had assumed that the people would prefer his high quality meals from 'Quick' rather than their cooking experiments, but that wasn't the case. There were quite a few people
who loved their experiments and the freedom to cook whenever they wanted and whatever they wanted. This group of Wastosians were called 'Chefs'.

King W sent out his advisers to talk to the 'Chefs'. They were tasked with finding out what the 'Chefs' were cooking and why they wanted to cook rather than just eat the food packets. What King W's advisers found out was that while the 'Chefs' were still consuming the food packets, they also had the need to augment the food packets with their own cooking. Groups of 'Chefs' would get together and have 'Meeting Parties

(MPs)'. MPs were a new concept at Wastosie that had only come about in the last few years, once people started experimenting with cooking. In a MP, They would get together and share what had been cooked and everyone would discuss how to make the food better. King W could not really grasp why anyone would have an MP, but since they weren't bothering anyone, he decided to leave them be.

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