Saturday, October 17, 2015

Tableau Conference - Small Company, BIG Conference (really?)

Tableau's annual customer conference (TC15) kicks off this Monday (18th Oct) in Las Vegas. In preparation for the Conference I was downloading the Data15 App from the Android Play Store and I saw that 5,000 people had already downloaded the app. I was curious how some of the other 'BIG' conferences fared. So I took screenshots from my phone of the Play Store of dreamforce, AWS re:Invent and vmworld. I was quite surprised that we were on par with most of them in terms of downloads. Dreamforce had 10,000 and we know that is a huge conference. We already have 158 people who have rated our App and given it a rating of 4.6 and the conference hasn't even started.

Not sure if this means anything (maybe their customers use iPhones, maybe their Conference Apps aren't that functional) but we all know that Tableau Marketing does rock when it comes to Conference and a data party.

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