Saturday, November 9, 2013

Tableau Dashboards on an iPad - Using iFRAMES

The iPad (iOS) does not support iFRAMEs. So if you have a Tableau Viz in an iFRAME on your website and you view it on an iPad, you will see that your height and width are ignored and the dashboard is expanded to take over the entire screen. You can view it on a browser on your computer to see the difference. On your computer, the dashboard is kept within the height and width and you get the vertical and horizontal scrollbars. On an iPad it gets expanded. That being said, any scrollbars within the dashboard are still scrollable on the iPad.

Just to be clear, this has nothing to do with Tableau. This will happen with any iFRAME webpage.

In the example below, I set the height and width of the iFrame to 400 / 400, to exaggerate the effect. This is a really bad dashboard from a view-ability standpoint, but it is useful to get the point across. When you view this on an iPad, it starts out as 400 x 400 but when it finishes rendering it gets blown up to fit the entire visualization.

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